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Here it is. My first ever blog. I don’t exactly know how I feel about it yet. We’ll see how this goes. The purpose of this blog is mainly accountability. Read FormerFatGirl Declaration for further explanation. I hope it provides at least a modicum of entertainment value and maybe even inspires someone else to conquer whatever obstacle may be standing in their way. I am indeed a former fat girl. And as such, I have a mild compulsion when it comes to my weight and body. Some people say I’m hard on myself; I say I’m not hard enough. So, I’m making a commitment to the world to actually follow through with my intention of having the body of my dreams. I’m sure after the fervor and excitement of all this wears off I’ll be cursing the day I ever drafted this blasted blog. But as for today, I’m thrilled. I’m inspired and I’m ready!

So…lez go!

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  1. Khalilah! I LOVE this :). Good for you for A) Dieting and still having a sense of humor, B) Writing your progress! You never cease to amaze me, doll. And, though I totally understand the drama that ensues when the skinny jeans no longer fit and the fat jeans are painted on, just a friendly reminder that your beauty is a constant even when those 10-15 pounds gained or lost are not. Thanks for sharing your journey! xox



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